Groups in Cuba, guided tours.

To make arrangements and coordination to take a GROUP TO CUBA is one thing our staff is highly qualified, Customized Itineraries for Groups in Cuba, specialized guided visits or meetings in hotels or special venues, VIP group handling in Havana or any province.

There is a lot of long hard work hours behind the preparation of any program for groups, there a many details to be taken into account and a lot of operation coordination and we can do all that.


Our group itineraries and programs in Cuba are the best you can find.

In Cuba Direct Travel you will find hard working people with invaluable experience to prepare an itinerary or program your group in Cuba, for the most demanding group organizers can speak for us. Your group in Cuba will enjoy a great variety of activities and each program is tailor-made as per the customer desire, therefore we can organize cultural visits to museums or nature visits like hiking or trekking while we may end the program with a few nights at the beach.
Our tour guides are also professionals and will do their best to assist the group everywhere in Cuba. Meals and special banquets can be prepared by our staff for your group in Cuba. Travel in groups have become very popular in Cuba and we have prepared and handled several Group in Cuba, with the highest customer satisfaction standards, we offer also special quotes and grant gratuities for groups over 25 persons.

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