Vacations in Cuba, split holiday offers and multicentre stay deals

The best vacations in Cuba and cheap holiday programs for Cuba, are prepared here, tailormade packages and multicenter vacation deals are perfect solutions for those who prefer save time and money during their holiday.
Our carefully planned split holidays and tailor made vacation packages are ideal solutions, for those who visit Havana or any major Cuban city, willing to save time and visit as much as possible while on vacations. In our holiday offer pages you will be able to find cheap vacation offers and many holiday itinerary options, among them twin center or multicenter vacations, tailormade packages and vacation itineraries that will help you to decide what is best for the planning of your best ever vacation in Cuba. Being one of our offices in Madrid, Spain we are able to offer a wide range of services, packages and las minute deals to travel worldwide, we provide visas and assitance, travel insurance, international flights visits, transfers and domestic flights within Europe, for more information just contact our staff.

Car Rental in Cuba and worldwide.

During your vacations in Cuba our staff can book or rent a car for you in any Cubacar office, regardless the province where you need the car. Our car rental service is delivered as per our customers request and it is a perfect option to support your twin center vacation or your tailor made escorted holiday in Cuba. We have an updated car search and book engine with instant confirmation of availability and prices for Cuba and International Car Rental Service worldwide to assit you.

Hotel Deals for your Vacations

Vacations in Cuba can be arranged perfectly by booking one or more hotels for your own tailor made holiday or a multicenter holiday in Cuba, a list of hotels in cities, beaches, and offshore islands and in nature resorts all over Cuba is provided. This way you can select which are the vacation options that suit your needs for a prefect holiday. Feel free to browse our international hotel search and booking engine with updated prices and instant real time confirmation.

International Airport and Hotels Transfers

During your vacations we can take you wherever you want in Cuba no matter the distance to cover, our transfer services are delivered privately or collective as per our customers request as a perfect option to support your multicenter holidays or your tailormade escorted tours in Cuba. We have contracted several transport providers in almost any country of the world so if you need any transfer in any placeof the world , just let us know and we will arrange it for you.

Domestic flights from Havana and International flights

If it is an internal flight in Cuba what you are looking for to complement your twin center vacation or your tailormade escorted tours, well just mention departure and destination places, we will have the tickets ready at your order and delivered online or anywhere in Cuba, just visit our online domestic flights search and book engine here.
If you need to get to Cuba from any country and need internatinal flights follow the International Flights Seach engine or feel free to contact our staff for information. Flights from Cayo Coco and Cayo Largo to Havana from € 75.00 and 107.00.

Tailormade Guided Tours all over Cuba.

Here you can find a sample of all the tailormade escorted tours we can prepare for your vacations in Cuba. Form that base you can ask us to customize and tailor-make it for you. Also with our list hotels in Cuba, the help of a map and our Cuba information section, you can make your own itinerary and request a quote for them; your vacation in Cuba will be perfect then, if on the other hand you need holiday arrangement for any country, just let us know and we will prepare that for you.

International vacations and special offers.

Although specialized in Cuba, we have a wide network of partners worldwide, if you need a hotel, transfer, service or package that you want us to find and arrange for you, our staff will dedicate time to prepare it for you, in the meantime take a look at our updated offers with the best deals and last minute offer details so that you take advantage fo all the services that we provide, international visas, flights, travel insurance domestic flights and itineraries in any country.

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